US 40 and the National Road in Western Indiana

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Six Points segment

Just beyond the Indianapolis and Marion County border, but just east of Plainfield, is the Six Points area. A two-lane segment of an old US 40 alignment runs through here. It's maybe 600 yards long.

Heading west just past the Marion/Hendrix county line, there's a body shop on the south side of the road as the road gently curves. We took the next left and and immediately made the first right to get onto the old road. This picture shows the old segment on the left and the current road on the far right.

When we turned around, we noticed how US 40 would have been a straight shot onto this segment. We wondered whether the pavement on the other side of the little access road was old US 40 pavement. Notice how the body shop building is parallel with the old segment, and would have been right against US 40.

As this westbound photo shows, the road was closed for construction, so we couldn't drive it. As best as we could tell, this road had houses on both sides. We wondered if they moved the road around these houses so they could widen it to four lanes without displacing the residents.

My brain must not have been functioning very well on this stop because I didn't get photos of the western end of this segment! We did stop at that end and found, once again, that US 40 runs in a straight line with this segment.


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