State Road 37 from Indianapolis to Bloomington

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Segment at Johnson County 800N

The next little segment of the old alignment lay a couple miles to the south of County Line Road. On the east side of SR 37, the crossroad is labeled 800N, but on the west side, it's labeled Old St Rd 37.

This photo shows the access road to the segment of old SR 37. It wasn't clear on the map whether the road emptied out onto State Road 37 or not. The Dead End sign here cleared up that mystery.

Where the road curved south and the old highway took over, I turned around looking for any sign of the old highway as it would have stretched northbound. I stood in the middle of the old road, pointing northbound, to take this photo. Except for the utility poles running on the right in alignment with where the old road had been, you can't tell a highway ever ran through here.

This alignment, all cement, ends a half mile later, the pavement ending cleanly at somebody's driveway. As you drive on current SR 37, you can see the little guardrail just beyond the trash can. If you didn't know what lay beyond it, you might not give it a second thought.

Turning around from here and looking northbound at the tree-lined old highway, the lovely scene made me long for the day this highway was still in use. Maybe it's just my fantasy, but I imagine the trip to Bloomington being more pleasant not just because of the narrow road, but because drivers might be more likely to slow down, open the windows, and take in the beauty on either side.

From here to Martinsville, all of the old SR 37 alignment had this two-foot extension on each side. You can see the weeds growing in the crack. I wonder whether this was a tiny shoulder of sorts, or whether this was an attempt to widen the old cement road by four feet.


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