Exceptional Ordinary

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Exceptional images can be made with even the most ordinary 35mm SLR. The Pentax ME certainly qualifies as ordinary, with its middling specifications and features. Yet Jim Grey has done some of his best work with this camera and the great Pentax lenses that mount on it.

That’s why he assembled 30 images he made with this camera, images he likes best, into a book — Exceptional Ordinary: Everyday Photography with the Pentax ME.

It’s easy to forget that for most of photography’s history, a photograph was a physical, tangible object. Even now that film photography appears to be finding a new niche after years of decline, so many of us film photographers scan our negatives and work with the resulting digital images.

Jim wanted both to hold prints of his photographs in his hands and to share them with you. In the book he describes each photo with the same kind of words you’re used to finding on his blog, Down the Road.

Exceptional Ordinary is a beautifully printed, 44-page magazine-style book. The photographs are crisp, with rich color and a satisfying range of tones.

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